It's Like a Circle, See?

Title: One of Us Who Wants to Leave
Written by: poisontaster
Artwork by: bunnymcfoo
Starring: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Christian Kane.
Cameos: David Boreanaz, Sandy McCoy, Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum
Rating: R (language & smut)
Summary: What kind of love is this that keeps me hanging on, despite everything it's doing to me? What is this love that keeps me coming back for more when it will only end in misery?

This is late. This is SO SO late. We know. We are full of shame. But, hopefully? Worth the wait.
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Certain Kind of Torture

Not quite on time, but not too late, either. Enjoy. Comment if links run out. Now I can finally read everyone else's, yay!

Title: Certain Kind of Torture
Written by: missbucklebury
Graphics and mixes by: smonsterbite
Starring: Jensen Ackles and Christian Kane; featuring Jared Padalecki, Michael Rosenbaum, Tom Welling and Chad Michael Mayhem. Cameos by other WB stars, current and former.
Summary: Pimps and hos and a flashing cowboy hat. It all adds up to trouble.
Rated: R; also rated CA for Cracktastic Angst
A/N: Always and forever, smonsterbite can't do a damn thing without luluminion. Also, thanks be to sathinks for the pimp action.

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Title: Snoops
Written by: brynwulf (Meg)
Graphics by: quietdiscerning (Cassi)
Starring: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, featuring Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling
Summary: Beer and birthdays and a lack of supervision. You do the math. :D
Rated: R
A/N: In no way, shape or form would this have gotten written except for the cheering, encouragement and writing of thisisbone. Seriously, she should be listed as an author, too. Thanks, sweetie!!

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Title: Taking it Like a Man
Author: edie
Website: Monkey Drunky
Pairing: Michael Rosenbaum/Jensen Ackles/Jared Padelecki/Tom Welling
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: WB-RPS
Disclaimer: I am a big evil liar.
Summary: Last person with clothes on wins.
Notes: for the smutbox challenge. Thank you to tresca, olliesmama and simplybeing for the audiencing, beta work and general encouragement.
Artwork by buhfly

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Taking it Like a Man